jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

CSS Unit member interview number 1: Rae.

Rae is one of the persons that had helped me out with a lot of stuff. And i decided to interview her first. She wanted a Risa Niigaki picture here because it's her favorite Momusu member. She appears in CSS unit groupdub of Suki-chan.

Rae (SingingOnDemand)

Age: 16.

Favorite color: pink

Favorite food: macaroni and cheese

Favorite desssert: cake

Favorite animal: platypus

Favorite sport: i like watching sports: tennis

Favorite subject: language

Favorite fruit: orange

Favorite flower:paulownia

Favorite tv show: project RunWay

Favorite actor and actress: Johnny Depp--- helena bonham carter

What do you collect:

Why do you like dubbing:
Cause i like to sing and i like japanese music :)

What do you do for life:
I'm a student---11th grade

Singing, stalking Risa Niigaki, playing pokemon games

How long have you been singing:
Since i was 3

How long have you been in YT and what was your first upload?

September 10th 2009
First upload: Take it easy

Person you admire:
Utada Hikaru, first japanese singer i ever listened to

Goals in life:
Keep singing. Go into serious mixing.

To be a singer, I want to do my Sayumi impression for Sayumi~

Fav music type:
Jpop and kpop

Favorite artists:
Berryz Koubou, Buono, AKB48, SNSD.

Favorite songs:
Ryyusei Boy, Dschinghis khan, Miracle happy love song,Iiwake.

H!P Favorite video:
The peace!

Thanks for being a part of CSS Rae :) ILU!

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